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tv   Action News 600 AM  ABC  June 3, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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>> beneath the clouds everybody pretty much in that same neighborhood. 54 in sea isle city, fifty two 53 in trenton. allentown 55. as we move through the day another 55 on your storm tracker six app by 8 o'clock. by noon 63 and then this afternoon especially from about philadelphia north there is the chance of some sunny breaks. 67 degrees is your high at 3 o'clock, 66 by 6:00 and quickly we'll take a look at
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the pollen count. one good thing about this cooler more damp weather the last couple of days the pollen outlook is much better with low to medium ranges over the next several days. matt pelman war roads looking like early on. >> starting to dry out in a lot of spots this morning david like here on the vine street expressway in center city and a least it's opened now. it was closed overnight for construction on the eastbound side. all the eastbound lanes reopened. they are scheduled to close the vine again tonight starting at 11:00 this time in both directions and you can see on the westbound side headed towards the schuylkill starting to stack in this normally busy spot headed towards 76. also starting to get busy on 95 in the great northeast. southbound side here approaching cottman then you slow again with speeds that have dropped into the 30's southbound by girard avenue. out on the main line wynnewood road is closed this morning right by lancaster avenue route 30 because of some downed wires. i think i would stick with remmington road or church road instead of wynnewood road
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unless you're said head the sabrina's like i do for breakfast. downed tree branch if the road in warrington along limekiln pike near the 202 parkway. stick with county line road or picker town road as alternates in case and speaking of 202 here it is in norristown, 202 right at main street where the railroad gates were stuck in the down position earlier. they got them fixed so traffic moving normally now through the intersection. just to the north watch out for a broken down vehicle along trooper road at germantown road; pike. tam. >> thank you matt. this story is developing this morning. firefighters in chester were called back to the same city block for the third time in five days. of course the question is are all of these fires connected? "action news" reporter katherine scott is live along bickley place. that's where we find her right now with the latest. good morning katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. and we are expecting a press conference later on today so we're hoping to learn more about what exactly is going on here but last night firefighters were back on this
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block again. this latest fire started in that end row home but in recent days, some of these homes which were -- some of them were vacant or under renovation caught fire. three homes in the last four days. neighbors here are now worried about their homes and their safety. >> i really don't know what's going on. this is just crazy. >> reporter: a third fire in four days on this chester block. now six row homes all next to each other on the 400 block of bickley place have been damaged or destroyed. more than 20 people have been displaced. residents believe this is no accident. >> i believe it's something that's going on. somebody trying to get some money and i have faith in the fire department that with their knowledge and their up to date forensic type of knowledge that they're going to get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: the first in the series of fires started saturday in 420 bickley an unoccupied house. then early monday morning firefighters were back battling a blaze that began right next door in 418 which is also vacant.
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that one spread to several occupied homes. last night crews arrived to 410 the end row home. >> when we arrived we had heavy fire in the rear of 410 up through the back of the second floor working its way across the unit. >> reporter: the crime scene team carried evidence from the fire. the fire commissioner and the mayor were on the scene saying they're working to get to the bot bomb of this. >> we're looking at a number of perspectives of why this is happening and how and we'll continue to do so. >> reporter: an officer from chester police is positioned on this block. again the cause of these fires remains under investigation. we are live in chester katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> katherine, thank you for those details. a south philadelphia community says they're being terrorized by a gang of girls and the police need to do more about it. more than a hundred people gathered last night.
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protests come after a rash of what some neighbors claim are racial attacks at the hands of four black women who live nearby. two people who didn't want to be identified say they are among the victims. >> attacked on my doorstep basically for no reason at all. for what reason i still don't know. >> that quick i seen four women attacking a white man. >> the victims claim responding officers from the third district did not take a report or make any arrests and officials say an internal affairs investigation is under way and why police failed to investigate racial tensions brewing in the neighborhood in recent days. >> new this morning smoking behind the wheel with children in the car may soon be illegal if new jersey lawmakers get their way. erin o'hearn is live in the satellite center with details on this proposed piece of legislation. erin. >> reporter: matt, we know that longstanding research says that secondhand smoke can cause major health problems for children. a new jersey lawmaker says this bill is intended to
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protect children who don't necessarily have a say in what they're exposed to. the bill that was introduced into the state senate would allow police to ticket people smoking with children under 17 in their car. it would be a secondary offense which means drivers can cannot be pulled over for smoking and they first need to be puddles over for another violation. some critics are calling this an invasion of privacy but advocates say it's long overdue. >> people don't understand there's a law that says you have to wear seat belts so why can't we say you cannot smoke with a child present. let's give these kids a chance to development they're held captive in there. >> reporter: this bill was introduced before but lawmakers were unsuccessful in getting it passed. lawmakers say they hope to have it signed and in front of the governor by the end of the year. currently four states and puerto rico all have smoke free car laws when children are present in the vehicle. of course we'll keep you updated on this story as it develops. i'm erin o'hearn channel6
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"action news." >> we'll see what happens. thanks erin. an allentown soda maker will not be producing more beverages that many consider to be a-treat. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square to explain how the deal fell through. maribel. >> reporter: good morning to you matt. a deal to save a-treat soda has fallen flat. a local businessman was planning to reintroduce the allentown based soft drinks this summer but a verbal agreement with the brand's owner appears to have fizzled. there's been no communication between the two sides since april. the almost 100 year old company closed in january. let's talk stocks. stocks finished lower as a late selloff wiped out earlier gains yesterday. right now futures pointing to a higher open. roar on the trade deficit and service sector are due out today. finally amazon is offering free shipping on even small items now. light weight products like cosmetics and phone accessories will be sent to you with no shipping fee and there's no minimum purchase necessary. shipping will take five to seven days. the new policy is a way for
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amazon to better compete with target and wal-mart low cost shipping programs. matt and tam we'll see if if you don't need it the next day maybe it works for you. >> yeah. i want everything now. >> that's not good of course. thanks maribel. >> a little bit of rain now. >> i want to it dry out right now. >> well, in a good portion of the region it is. storm tracker six live double scan shows you those showers in burlington county are pretty much beginning to melt away and fall off the map. if we go in closer to areas to the south cape may county still looking at a little bit of a moderate shower pushing up between cape may and sea isle city. if i start this for you just briefly you can see how there's another batch that's coming in across the delaware bay and that may be hitting i was little bit later on. the wide view, though, shows that you most of the area is just as tam likes it drying out. as we take a look outside we have cloudy skies left over though and they're probably going to be pretty much a factor through the morning hours with the potential of some sunny breaks later in the afternoon especially in the northern half of the region.
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55 currently in philadelphia and pretty much the same number everywhere. you go the a couple of 53's and 54's but it's a very similar feel from north to south across the region. in terms of rain and cloud cover today, between now and noon t-it looks like we are mainly dry maybe just a speck of drizzle or a little spotty shower here or there. as we get into the afternoon though, look at how we do have some breaks in the clouds and maybe even some of that working its way down into philadelphia so we're hoping to see some sun later today. the farther south you are through the region the less chance you have of that. up in allentown we'll go for clouds in the morning and some sun in the afternoon a high of 68 degrees. down the shore some spots will probably get up into the mid 60's others may hold at about 60 on the nose next to that cooler ocean water. lots of clouds, a spotty shower certainly possible. and in philadelphia, we'll go for a high of 67, about nine or 10 degrees better than yesterday in most spots in the immediate region, mostly cloudy, spotty rain, hopefully some sun breaking out later in the day and winds out of the east at eight to 16. and there's what the numbers are going to do today in the
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mid-50's still by 8 o'clock but then into the 60's by 11:00. we'll hit that high of 67 at about 3 o'clock this afternoon. for the union tonight at ppl park back home against the columbus crew, a rare midweek contest, mostly cloudy, mainly dry, 65 degrees for the start of the match, 63 in the 90th minute so maybe you get some sweatshirts on beneath those june jerseys and we'll see if the union can't beat the crew tonight. and then for tomorrow we've got more clouds in play. still a stubborn unsettled pattern, still kind of cool with lies only in the 60's again, although it will be mainly dry with just a couple of sprinkles and showers tomorrow. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high 67, mostly cloudy. a shower can't be ruled out. but maybe some sun later in the day. and then tomorrow mostly cloudy 66, another real touch rain or drizzle but not particularly damp overall and then finally warmer on friday, a high of 77, partly sunny skies. there is the chance of a late day or evening shower or thunderstorm but it doesn't look like a washout, just something to keep your eyes on and of course we'll do that
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for you right here and online. 80 is your high on saturday, clouds and sun a spotty shower or thunderstorm there. sunday's looking good, mid 70's, partly sunny and then back to the 80's on monday. >> david, thank you. >> yeah. >> 6:11 is the time and the race against time. we're monitoring the ongoing search for survivors of the capsized cruise ship in china. >> the court here's a chilling account of the colorado movie massacre in the defendant's own words. matt. >> smooth sailing along the 42 freeway in bellmawr. building northbound traffic headed towards 295 and we have new problems on 295 new problems on the new jersey turnpike and a new crash in camden county, the jersey jams are coming up when that "action news" continues on this wednesday morning. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here down the shore into atlantic city. 55 degrees out there dealing with some light rain around the region. we'll get up to 67. unusual for a day in june today. >> matt, looks like things are going smoothly there. >> yeah, running smoothly you might say on this national running day. you do know, yes national running day today. anyone going to participate? >> i'm running tomorrow. >> matt is going to run tomorrow.
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i would like to say i'm going participate but i would properly nap instead. traffic running smoothly on the schuylkill expressway eastbound towards center city little bit of a gathering crowd. mlk drive on the left side of your screen no problems there or on the kelly drive. downed wires have been telling you about all morning long on the main line in wynnewood . >> by the vet hospital everything reopened and the railroad gates have been fixed in norristown at markley and maze. that intersection, too, is back in business. now, that's the good news and that's where it ends. a new oil spill near bordentown, burlingy burlington county blocking the ramp from 295 southbound to 130. so, instead if you're headed southbound and you want to get off at 295 do so at 195 or go down to florence column bulls road and exit there. also reports of debris in the
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roadway along the new jersey turnpike in burlington county. it's in the northbound direction approaching exit six for the turnpike connector. center lane is blocked as they clean up that debris. and in somerdale camden county reports of a new crash along the white horse pike. of course that's route 30 at somerdale road there by the speed mart with volume just starting to build along 42 and 55. matt. >> thanks, matt. chinese state media says rescuers have pulled 18 bodies out of the yangtze river. they were among those who were on a river cruise ship that capsized in stormy weather on monday. more than 400 people are still unaccounted for. the hopes of saving them are dimming. the ship is still upside down in the yangtze. hundreds of rescuers continue to search the area but so far they have found only 14 survivors. >> today more videotapes of the colorado movie theater gunman will be played at his trial. they reveal more of what he told a psychiatrist about that night. yesterday the videotapes showed james holmes describing the 2012 deadly shooting.
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homes says he was calm and checked as he repaired to walk into the movie theater. holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and the videotaped interview will be a key consideration for jurors as they decide whether holes could tell right from wrong at the time of the attack. >> new from the overnight local law enforcement goes after fifa. an update on the ongoing corruption probe in six things you need know.
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>> ♪♪ >> this is breaking right now. take a look at this new video from our sister station in raleigh, north carolina and that is one fire. firefighters have been battling this blaze at this church for several hours overnight. it broke out after 3:00 this morning. when firefighters got to the scene flames could be seen shooting out of the roof. and it took nearly two hours for firefighters to get the fire put out. as of right now no injuries have been reported and it's still unclear what started this fire.
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>> on the northeast extension debris in the roadway. northbound lanes by lansdale. watch out for that if you're headed for that portion of 476. if you're headed for the blue route portion of 476 its camera time by the route one media bypass. if you get out youragnify magnifying glass >> a light jacket for the kids on the way to school this morning with temperatures in the 50's. a couple can of sprinkles and showers around but most of you won't have to worry about rain gear. maybe t-shirts but more like al sweatshirt with temperatures getting up into the 60's. on the bus stop as we roll through the day or at the el station 57 by 9 o'clock, 63 by noon. later this afternoon we'll get a high of 67 degrees at 3 o'clock and there is the chance of some sunny breaks later on in the afternoon and evening hours especially from
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about philadelphia and north. severe weather the best chance of that is out in kansas and nebraska extending over into iowa today. also georgia and south carolina for the most part, parts of north carolina as well but on the big board at the airport for you travelers this morning it's all green aircraft no, major delays none rain reported in any of our most commonly traveled destinations, matt. >> thanks, david. the phillies won. yeah, darin ruf hit a walk off single in the ninth last night giving the phillies a five to four victory over the reds. the late inning come back victory snapped a seven game losing streak. cole hamels starts tonight against the reds. >> 6:22 now. when we come back six things you need to know, that's up next. >> katherine scott is gathering information on yet another fire on the same block in chester. katherine. >> reporter: that's right, matt, three fires in four days on this same chester block. we're live with all the latest details coming up at 6:30. >> ♪♪
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>> president obama has signed bill reviving some of the surveillance laws that expired on sunday night. that is topping six things to know. erin o'hearn has the full list at the big board. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. that's right, the president has signed legislation to reform the nsa's controversial surveillance program. it will phase out the agency's bulk phone records collection program. instead, those records will be kept with phone companies. the government will be able to search them but only with a warrant. secretary of state john kerry is in good condition after surgery to fix a broken leg. kerry suffered a biking
6:26 am
accident sunday in france. doctors expect him to walk around today. kerry has been taking part in planned international talks by phone. six people linked to fifa are now on interpol's most wanted list. former president seth blatter is not one of them. he announced his resignation yesterday. although he was not implicated in last week's corruption raids sources tell abc news the fbi has been building a case against him. executives with hard rock international will be at the meadowlands today. they'll unveil plans for a casino at the bergen county racetrack. it would be the first real competition for atlantic city's struggling casino industry. lawmakers are trying to expand gambling in the state. this is a morning you're going to wish you lived in illinois. a lucky ticket holder in illinois matched all six numbers in last night's mega millions drawing. the jackpot is worth an estimated $260 million. and there are million dollar
6:27 am
winners in new jersey and pennsylvania. so, apparently hold onto your tickets. i guess you can be okay living in philadelphia, too. new york post reporting caitlyn jenner is being slated by beauty lines including mac cosmetics. the report cites high level meeting with jenner occurred months before the vanity fair cover was even released. there are plans to make her the new face of the edgy makeup line. the estee lauder beauty lines is all ages, all races all sexes. >> erin i could be jenner as the new viva glam. get a big spokesperson, i could see this happening. >> reporter: rue paul was a spokesperson for awhile that's right. >> several new stories. >> one breaking, a fire near the jersey shore injures two people. an update next.
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>> developing now on "action news" suspicion mounts as firefighters return to the same block in chester in a matter of days. >> terror watch in boston. a task force takes down a lone wolf. now another suspect is under arrest. >> a florida teacher faces suspension for his extreme attempt at stopping people from using smartphones in class. >> good morning, 6:30 on this wednesday, june 3rd. karen is off. let's head to david and matt to give you weather and traffic. >> good morning, everybody. cloudy and cool this morning. take a look at storm tracker six live double scan. in cape may county and southern delaware there are a couple of showers popping up from the southwest. not really making much of a run at atlantic city just yet but they're down there and it's possible that they'll come a little farther north over the next hour or so s burlington county appears to be falling apart and everybody else just beneath the clouds this morning and there you see them. looks like there's dry air off to the


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